ICE 32 Air Conditioning Enhancer

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ICE 32 - The Automotive Air Conditioning Lubricant Enhancer

While we are continually developing new products for a variety of applications, all of our products share the same base ingredient, called ThermolubeTM. This ingredient is completely new and revolutionary technology, developed by Dr. Benjamin Mosier,an internationally recognized chemist from Houston, Texas.

ICE 32 is a refrigerant lubricant additive that can improve the performance of the automotive air conditioning system. ICE 32 can:

  • Provide cooler air due to increased heat transfer - this means the vehicle interior cools faster

  • Reduces interior humidity providing a feeling on comfort to the passenger.

  • Extends compressor life by reducing friction and protecting the metal surfaces.

  • Works year round.

  • Environmentally safe, contains NO chlorinated compounds

  • Compatible with all mobile A/C system lubricants and materials

It is important to know that ICE 32 is the result of 6 years of development and testing. It has been lab and field tested by major fleet and compressor manufacturers. The lubricants, along with the compressors, have been evaluated by some of the most respected independent labs in the country. 
This website is a result of those continuing tests.