• Improves system efficiency
  • Extends compressor life

What is ICE 32?

ICE 32 is a fully formulated synthetic lubricant designed to be added to auto A/C systems to enhance performance. ICE 32 is proven to produce results that consumers can feel and see.



  • Provides “colder air faster”
  • Increases fuel economy

How it works

When professionally and properly installed, ICE 32 forms a thin film on all critical A/C system surfaces reached by the system’s refrigerant. (Current formulation for use in R-134A & R12 applications only. ICE 32 for 1234 YF formulation coming soon).

  • Inhibits surface contamination
  • Enhances oil migration
  • Improves lubricity

Comprehensive tests produce convincing significant results!



Compressor efficiency improvements with ICE 32 produce better cooling system performance and improved coefficiency of performance.
The thrust surface is on the front head of the compressor, which supports the full load and torque produced by the input shaft on the movable (orbital) scroll. The treated compressor shows less surface wear and foreign contamination.


Subject to the terms of a final definitive Warranty, Ice Lubricant Technologies warrants that it will replace any automotive a/c compressor utilizing its Ice 32 product if such Ice 32 product is defective or the proximate cause of such automotive a/c compressor not operating properly.


Contact your local auto dealership for more information.

Click here for more information on J2670/J2911C compliance.


Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P.
Houston, TX

“…we are pleased to report the following results relative to the use of your A/C performance enhancer ICE 32 on our fleet.
1. The yearly maintenance costs (Year Cost) relative to A/C in terms of CPM (Cost per Mile) have decreased 66.6%…
2. The net cumulative effects of these annual savings have reduced the Life Cost relative to A/C repairs 50% …”

The B–Regional Transportation Authority
Corpus Christi, TX

“We had an average reduction of 7–7/8 degrees. I personally witnessed one dramatic improvement in a vehicle. The vent temperature went from 50 degrees all the way down to 37 degrees. I can gladly say that I am no longer a skeptic about ICE 32, rather a loyal customer.”

Auto Safety House – Creighton Elementary
Phoenix, AZ

“Based on positive test results on one of their Ford service trucks, they have included ICE 32 in each of their equipped PM’s. They have installed ICE 32 in 12 buses since March and are reporting noticeably colder vent temperatures and lower overall AC system noise.”